GetUp in the media

Should every Australian be offered a government-funded job?

The radical idea of offering every person a government-funded job is finding new supporters in Australia as proponents claim it could eliminate unemployment overnight.

Nov 21st 2018

Victoria votes: community groups demand an end to race-baiting in politics

Victorian Aboriginal community organisations have joined a coalition of advocacy groups demanding an end to racism in politics.

Nov 16th 2018

The person with the most to fear from the Liberal Party's Wentworth debacle is Tony Abbott

Sydney's harbourside residents have taken to the Liberal Party with baseball bats – and they may not be finished.

Oct 21st 2018

Wentworth becomes test bed for how federal election will treat climate change

Young people in colourful T-shirts bearing slogans of Stop Adani, and members of Renew and other green groups, have been fanning out across Sydney’s eastern suburbs to knock on as many doors as possible – not for any particular candidate, but for a specific cause.

Oct 19th 2018

Victoria's renewable energy boom set to create thousands of jobs

The renewable energy construction boom in Victoria is on track to create more than 6,000 annual jobs, according to a new analysis.

Oct 2nd 2018

ACCI solicits campaign tips from GetUp chair

The chairman of GetUp, whose organisation lobbied against company tax cuts, has been hosted by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry to teach it how the left-wing activist group achieves “campaign cut-through”.

Sep 20th 2018

Why Morrison should swap his lump of coal for a solar panel

Australia’s wholesale electricity prices are forecast to almost halve in the next four years – not because lower energy costs are on top of the new Morrison government’s agenda, and not because of the promise of coal, but thanks to the growing supply from cheap, renewable energy in the national mix.

Aug 30th 2018

Renewables jobs at risk unless emissions reduction target ramped up

Activist groups are intensifying efforts to persuade Australia’s states and territories to demand the 26% emissions reduction target in the national energy guarantee be ramped up, with new analysis suggesting jobs in renewable energy will be lost.

Jul 25th 2018

Greenpeace and GetUp launch campaign to kill national energy guarantee

The Queensland and Victorian governments will be hit with a new television advertising campaign in an effort to persuade them to torpedo the national energy guarantee at a critical meeting in early August.

Jul 13th 2018

Liberals accused of 'racist dog whistling' over anti-gangs flyer

A Liberal Party flyer that claims that “only the Liberals will stop gangs hunting in packs” has been condemned by human rights activists as a case of racist dog-whistling.

Jul 13th 2018

GetUp! makes Adani’s demise its major goal for 2018

GetUp! has prioritised shutting down the Adani coal mine in Queensland as the No.1 objective for 2018 and elevated “evacuation” of asylum seekers from Manus Island and Nauru.

Apr 1st 2018

GetUp steps up fight against foreign donation ban

GetUp! national director Paul Oosting has stepped up a campaign to push Labor into rejecting legislation that would ban foreign political donations, bombarding federal MPs with 40,000 submissions from supporters in what he calls “a devious plan”.

Mar 1st 2018