Getup Reveals First Victorian Target

GetUp reveals first Victorian target

GetUp reveals first Victorian target



GetUp members will campaign to evict Victoria’s most corrosive federal MP former Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews from his seat to secure action on climate change and stop the divisive attacks on multicultural communities.  

A founder of the pro-coal “Monash Forum” and proponent of the No campaign against marriage equality, Andrews’ record on racism is terrible. As Immigration Minister, he instituted discrimination based upon where visa applicants come from and is the originator of the ‘gang’ rhetoric aimed at African communities.

Campaign director Shen Narayanasamy said members had clearly elected to target Kevin Andrews due to his ongoing attempts to drag Australia towards a poorer, hotter, racist future.

“Everyday people don’t want politicians like Kevin Andrews blocking progress towards a modern, multicultural Australia and are raring to work together to change what’s possible,” she said.

“We’ll be having tens of thousands conversations with our neighbours, friends and families about how Kevin Andrews is standing against a clean energy future and urging discrimination because of what you look like or who you love.

“Removing Kevin Andrews from Parliament will open up a world of possibilities - an Australia powered by clean energy, where we proudly celebrate our multicultural and LGBTQI community and see justice for First Nations people.”

Andrews was the highest-ranking Victorian on GetUp’s ‘most backwards’ politician poll, clocking up 3,600 votes.  

“People are sick of politicians holding back progress on the issues that matter to our kids and grandkids. They are out of touch, hard-right ideologues, and they need to go.

“A massive number of GetUp members volunteered to hand out how-to-vote cards across Victorian polling booths in 2016 and there’s no doubt we’ll top that this year.”

More than 220,000 GetUp members come from Victoria.

Authorised by Paul Oosting, GetUp, 14/338 Pitt St, Sydney

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