Jan 29th 2020

A government that doesn’t take real action on climate change can’t keep us safe

Ned Haughton, climate scientist and bushfire survivor, has recorded a message for the Prime Minister:

We need real and immediate climate action, funding for renewables and the RFS, and the fossil fuel lobby out of government pockets. You can’t advertise your way out of this one. 

His message launches GetUp’s new platform today - bushfires.getup.org.au - for bushfire survivors and everyday people across the country to directly send Prime Minister Morrison a message he can’t turn his back on.

Today’s National Press Club address makes clear this government is refusing to break the cycle of climate denial and inaction with no plan to keep us safe from future climate disasters. 

GetUp’s National Director Paul Oosting says people want ambitious climate leadership: 

“This summer has been devastating, it has touched the entire country, and it’s still front of mind how we got here. 

“Adjusting the government’s languaging on climate change isn’t good enough, we need urgent and ambitious policies that will protect the country in the face of these climate disasters. 

“We need real action - end fossil fuel subsidies, restore and expand funding to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and recommit to the Renewable Energy Target - with the ambition this crisis deserves.

“After a catastrophic summer the Prime Minister’s position on climate change is unmoved. His words today addressed the fallout of the bushfires, but still don’t look at the bigger picture.“Australians want our government to join the rest of the world and take urgent action to reduce climate pollution, while we still can.

“We’re standing with the firefighters and bushfire survivors crying out for climate action by amplifying their voices and taking them directly to the Prime Minister in a message he can’t ignore.” Mr Oosting said.