Apr 3rd 2019

Budget delivers ZERO solutions on climate

Media reBudget 2019 confirms the Morrison Government cannot be trusted with our climate. lease excerpt

Budget 2019 confirms the Morrison Government cannot be trusted with our climate.

A hundred people stood for climate action in the Treasurer’s home electorate of Kooyong last night as Josh Frydenberg stood to tell Parliament he’s cutting funding to the Coalition’s already-failed climate fund.

**GetUp National Director Paul Oosting said politicians who flagrantly ignore the climate crisis don’t deserve to stand in our Parliament. **

“Last night’s Budget fails to secure a safe clean energy future for our families and community,” he said.“In 2019, you can no longer ignore the climate crisis and get away with it. The Government has failed to deliver a climate change policy or a plan to phase out dirty coal.

“Just weeks ago the Morrison Government attempted to resurrect Tony Abbott’s failed Direct Action plan but have even gone cold on that and slashed the annual budget for that failed policy by a third.

“At the same time the Coalition is trying to pump public money into a new coal plant, and funding for ARENA – the agency responsible for funding renewable energy projects around Australia - will be cut from 2021.

“Lack of climate leadership is why Kooyong - and voters in towns and cities across the country - are turning their backs on the Coalition.

“People are sick and tired of waiting for our politicians to act on climate change, and missing out on the chance to power Australia with clean energy that doesn’t put our homes and the places we love at risk.

“People are demanding strong climate action and leadership this election time.” 

GetUp’s high-impact campaign in Kooyong will highlight the Coalition’s reckless lack of climate policy and chaotic record in Government. The more than 8000 GetUp members in Kooyong will make 80,000 calls to voters in the electorate to talk about climate change and its impact on one another’s lives. They’ll also hand out information on election day showing people how to make their vote count for the climate.