Aug 14th 2020

GetUp puts First Nations communities front and centre on how to vote cards

First Nations issues will be front and centre when GetUp begins handing out how to vote scorecards in six electorates across the Northern Territory this week.

From now until election day GetUp volunteers and Aboriginal community members will be at remote polling stations talking to voters about how candidates stack up on issues like housing, fracking, climate and health.

GetUp’s First Nations Justice team is led by a team of Aboriginal campaigners, the policy platform was determined through consultation with Aboriginal organisations and community meetings across the NT.

GetUp’s First Nations Campaign Director Larissa Baldwin said:

“From now until election day we’ll be out with communities making sure First Nations issues are at the top of the political agenda with our how to vote cards.

“We’re going to be on the ground in electorates that are on a knife edge, working with communities to ensure Aboriginal communities across the NT an electoral powerhouse.

“We’ve surveyed parties and candidates across the Territory to see how they stack up on the issues that really matter, including housing, fracking, climate and health.

“Our how to vote cards cut through the spin and show people how to make their vote count for politicians that prioritise First Nations communities.

“A ban on fracking and gas expansion is a key issue in remote communities. Overwhelmingly Aboriginal communities are opposed to fracking on their lands.

“Real change is needed. We need to elect leaders with policies and solutions that put people and the community first.

“Aboriginal communities do not have the same level of access to essential services as others in the NT, they often face overcrowded, unsafe housing conditions, and are forced to travel huge distances for acute medical care.

“Aboriginal communities know what’s best for them, and they are best to lead that change but have been ignored by politicians for too long.

“When August 22 rolls around, one thing will be clear: if you make the political choice to ignore First Nations communities, you will face consequences at the ballot box.”

*GetUp volunteers will be active in 6 electorates and remote polling stations: Arnhem, Barkly, Braitling, Katherine, Mulka, Namatjira*

GetUp surveyed and researched candidates and parties to find out where they stand on 29 progressive policy areas, including housing, fracking, climate and health. Candidates who have a history of making discriminatory statements, or supporting them, were marked down.

GetUp does not make preference deals with parties or candidates.

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