May 23rd 2018

South Australia’s Premier Marshall leaves Turnbull in the shade

South Australian Premier will continue plans to create the world’s biggest ‘virtual power plant’.

GetUp welcomes the decision by South Australian Premier Steven Marshall to continue with the former Labor Government’s plan to create the world’s biggest ‘virtual power plant’ and partner with Tesla to share the benefits of clean and affordable energy with 50,000 low-income homes.

GetUp Campaign Director Miriam Lyons said this was a great step forward by South Australia.

“It’s clear Premier Marshall and the South Australian Liberal Government are recognising that clean energy is not only better for our climate and health, it’s also a better technology full stop.

“The Energy Minister Dan van Holst Pellekaan has vowed to continue the state’s transition to clean energy, and he’s recognised this transition is, in his words “being driven by the fundamental economics of clean energy as the lowest-cost new-build energy source.”

“The Minister now needs to take the next step and come up with a real plan to get South Australia all the way to 24-hour clean power, starting with reinstating South Australia’s 75% renewable target.

“We’re glad to see the South Australian Liberal government taking a positive step towards a clean energy future, and we desperately hope this sends a clear message to the Minister’s federal colleagues that clean energy is the best and most affordable way to protect our climate and cut power bills.

“Clean energy is wildly popular. Residents and business are leading the way on renewable energy with 500 new rooftop solar installations happening every day across Australia”

“It’s now time for the federal government to learn from their South Australian colleagues and embrace clean energy instead of trying to hold it back.

“Right now, Malcolm Turnbull is kowtowing to coal-hugging backbenchers and pushing a national energy plan with a target so pathetically low it will do nothing whatsoever to cut climate pollution, build renewables or cut our power bills.’’

“Turnbull needs to take a leaf from his SA colleagues’ book and admit the truth - clean energy is cheaper, cleaner and the only viable option for fixing the mess he’s made of this country’s energy system.”