Protect our Communities – 保护我们的家园

Protect our Communities – 保护我们的家园

EXPOSED: Liberals supporting extremists. – 重大新闻:自由党正在支持极端分子

Dangerous racist groups are on the rise. These groups threaten the safety and welfare of our communities. Hate crime complaints against multicultural communities have increased by 76% in Victoria. The Human Rights Commission say that this is tied to increasing political support of groups targeting multicultural communities. Of the major parties, only Liberal politicians have supported these groups and introduced policies attacking migrant and multicultural communities. – 危险的种族主义组织正在崛起。这些组织威胁着我们社区的安全和福祉。而在所有主要党派中,只有自由党的政客是支持这些种族主义组织的并且颁布了若干政策来攻击我们的移民和多员文化社区。

Here are just a few of the extreme groups and policies the Liberal Party have supported recently. – 您不愿意相信我们?这里有一些最近有关这些种族主义组织和自由党支持的政策的证据。
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Pauline Hanson & One Nation – 保琳*韩森(Pauline Hanson)以及她的一国党

Pauline Hanson, founder of One Nation, has been peddling hate against our communities for years. In her maiden speech in Parliament, she stated ‘I believe we are in danger of being swamped by Asians 1.’ She also called for an immigration ban suggesting migrants ‘go back to where you came from 2’.

Now, Liberal powerbroker Tony Abbott has stated Australia “would be a better country today” if more people listened to Pauline Hanson 3. He suggested that the Liberal Party should preference One Nation above Labor and the Greens as they would be able to work much more constructively in the Senate 3.

One Nation的创始人Pauline Hanson多年来一直在兜售对我们社区的仇恨。在她在议会的首次演讲中,她说“我相信我们有被亚洲人淹没的危险。”她还诉求移民禁令,建议移民从哪里来回哪里去。

现在,自由党领袖托尼·阿博特(Tony Abbot)甚至表示,“如果更多的人听取Pauline Hanson的建议3,澳大利亚将是一个更好的国家”。他建议自由党应该把一国党的席位放置于工党和绿党之上,因为一国党能够更多地给予参议院建设性的建议3

[1] Pauline Hanson's maiden speech: Has Australia been 'swamped by Asians'?, ABC, 14 September 2016 [2] Pauline Hanson calls for immigration ban: 'Go back to where you came from', The Guardian, 14 September 2016 [3] Australia would be better if we’d heeded Pauline Hanson’s message more: Tony Abbott, The Conversation, 27 March 2018.

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The Liberal Party’s dodgy deals with the United Australia Party

The Liberal Party has made a deal with with Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party 1. They will be placing each other 2nd on their how-to-vote cards this election.

Clive Palmer has distributed anti-Chinese material in electorates this election. The materials cited a speech from a former One Nation Senator and used disparaging and fear-mongering language about China targeting Australian society 2.

This is not the first time Clive Palmer has attacked our communities. In 2014, he called Chinese people ‘mongrels’3. On a separate incident that year he called Chinese people ‘bastards’ 4. He subsequently apologised for these comments, but how can that be acceptable in our Parliament?

It is unacceptable that the Liberal Coalition will preference Clive Palmer and his United Australia Party second on their how-to-vote cards.

自由党已与克莱夫帕尔默(Clive Palmer)的联合澳大利亚党达成协议[1]。自由党将在本次选举的投票方式中将对方放在第二位。

克莱夫·帕尔默(Clive Palmer)此次选举在选民中分发了反华材料。这些材料引用了前一位民族参议员的讲话,并用向澳大利亚社会宣传反华思想从而获得选票。 [2]。

这不是克莱夫帕尔默(Clive Palmer)第一次攻击我们的社区。 2014年,他称中国人为“杂种”[3]。在那年的一次单独事件中,他又再次称中国人为“混蛋”[4]。他随后为这些评论道歉,但着居然也能在议会中被接受


[1] Morrison stands by deal with Palmer's UAP, Daily Liberal, 30 April 2019.


[3] Clive Palmer apologises for China comments in which he referred to Chinese 'mongrels', Sydney Morning Herald, 26 August 2014.

[4] Clive Palmer calls partners "Chinese bastards" and "mongrels". Herald Sun, 19 August 2014.

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Cutting Family Reunion Visas – 削减家庭团聚签证

The Liberal Party have cut the number of family reunion visas available to migrant communities 1. According to Senate estimates, the current wait times for non-contributory parents is more than 30 years, and other family members can wait up to 56 years 1.

The Liberal Government promised that we would not be paying high visa fees or be subject to caps on any parent visa - yet the visa they announced has done both, making it harder for us to reunite with our loved ones in Australia [2]. They have broken their promise to our communities.


自由党政府承诺,我们不会让担保人支付高额签证费或不会颁布任何父母签证的限制 - 但他们在宣布完新的签证之后却使得我们更难与澳大利亚亲人团聚1。他们违背了对我们社区的承诺。

1 "Migrants may have to wait 56 years to bring their families to Australia", SBS, 11 April 2019.

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Reclaim Australia – 收回澳大利亚

Reclaim Australia is a far-right Nationalist group 1. The group has organised protests across Australia and have been associated with neo-Nazi groups, and people with criminal records.

Liberal Coalition MP George Christensen has been a proud supporter of Reclaim Australia. He was the main speaker at their protest in Mackay Queensland in 2015 stating, “Not even the Prime Minister can stop me” from attending 2. He continues to hold a seat representing the Liberal Party in the House of Representatives.

收回澳大利亚(Reclaim Australia)是一个极右翼的民族主义团体,致力于保护和执行他们认为是“澳大利亚生活方式”的价值观和行为.1。该组织在澳大利亚组织了抗议活动,并与新纳粹团体有关。自由党议员乔治克里斯滕森是Reclaim Australia的骄傲支持者。他是2015年麦凯岛昆士兰抗议活动的主要发言人,他说:“即使总理也不能阻止我”参加这类的活动2,他在众议院中继续代表着自由党。

1 Reclaim Australia: what does it represent?, SBS, July 20 2015. 2 'Not even the Prime Minister can stop me': Nationals MP George Christensen hits back at petition begging him not to attend Reclaim Australia rally, Daily Mail, 17 July 2015.

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Watering down section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act – 上诉“种族歧视法”第18C条

The Racial Discrimination Act was enacted in 1975 by the Whitlam Government to make sure everyone in Australia is treated equally and given the same opportunities regardless of their race.

The Liberal Party have attempted to water down this legal protection against discrimination multiple times by removing s18C of the Act. 1

In defence of this move, Liberal Senator George Brandis stated that people have “a right to be bigots”.



1 George Brandis defends 'right to be a bigot' amid Government plan to amend Racial Discrimination Act, ABC News, 24 March 2014.

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Liberal and National Party members saying harmful things in Parliament – 自由党和一国党成员在议会中是种族主义者。

Here are just a few of the instances where Liberal and National Party politicians have been blatantly racist in Parliament.

  1. Nationals Senator Barry O’Sullivan dropped an offensive racial slur in Senate estimates stating, “there’s a bigger chance of us having a biosecurity breach by some bloody old Chinaman who brings in his favourite sausage down the front of his undies” 1
  2. Liberal MP George Christensen said that ‘multiculturalism has failed’ 2.


国民参议员巴里奥沙利文(Barry O’Sullivan)在参议院的估计中放弃了极具攻击性的种族诽谤,称“我们有更大的机会遭到一些因为血腥的中国人(bloody Old Chinaman)的生物安全漏洞而带来的危险,他们将自己最喜欢的香肠带到他的内衣前面”1.


[1] Nationals Gronk Barry O’Sullivan Slammed After Casually Dropping A Racial Slur, Junkee, 20 February 2019. [2]

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