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Thank you for considering making a donation to GetUp.

GetUp! relies entirely on small donations from the public to operate. We receive no government funding. Your generous donation will help build a better, fairer Australia.

Make your donation regular to help build a better, fairer Australia. Your regular contributions will give GetUp the ability to plan effectively, allowing us to campaign for long-term progressive change.

GetUp keeps its internal costs down with a small team of staff, backed up by a larger team of dedicated volunteers. All donations go to our extensive campaign activities, like paid media and designing new interactive technology to get more progressive voices heard across Australia.

We have a policy of financial transparency, so each year we are externally audited and we will post on the website a breakdown of our expenditures.

Due to our legal standing as a political organisation, donations to GetUp don't qualify as tax-deductible. GetUp is strictly independent of government funding. As such we are dependent upon donations from members to maintain our advocacy and campaigning. Sorry if this causes any inconvenience.


Credit card transactions are processed online using Camtech's payment Gateway. That information is encrypted before being sent using SSL certificates. If you encounter any difficulties using this facility, or have any questions, please contact us at

Under the current laws, donations to GetUp are not tax-deductible. This is an important measure to ensure that GetUp's campaign and advocacy work remain independent of government funds.
Politics should be about movements, not millionaires. So while our politicians are bankrolled by huge cheques from big business, GetUp is funded by you.

GetUp is a not-for-profit organisation and does not receive any money from any political parties or the Government. Instead we're supported by thousands of individuals who may not have a lot of time or money, but who care about the issues and want to have a say. Over 50,000 Australians have chipped in to fund GetUp's campaigns, and the average donation is just under $42. That's something to be very proud of.

The majority of donors to GetUp give under $100, but some individuals and organisations have contributed more. Like all advocacy organisations, GetUp is required by law to disclose to the Australian Electoral Commission the identity of any donors who give over $11,200 in a financial year. These disclosures take up to 18 months; for example, donations to political parties and advocacy organisations during the 2010 Federal Election won't be disclosed to the public until February 2012. We believe those laws should be tightened, so GetUp is immediately making public all donations to GetUp over $11,500. All future donations over $11,500 will be published on our website within 30 days of their receipt.

If you donate towards a particular campaign, we will only put that money towards the issue you're passionate about. We rely on those donations that are not dedicated to specific campaigns; to keep our small office running and maintain the website. These donors make everything possible, and give all GetUp members the chance to influence change on the issues you care about. Our dedicated team of staff are backed up by the inexhaustible energy of interns and volunteers who make sure your dollar goes a long way to creating a progressive Australia.

We know that being transparent about the donations we receive is important to members - check out our donations disclosure page here.
Yes, there are a number of other ways you can donate to Getup:
  • Via phone: To donate via the phone, please call on (02) 8188 2888
  • Via mail: To donate via mail, simply fill out our donation form here. Please make your cheque or money orders out to 'GetUp Ltd' and post to
  • GetUp Ltd
    Reply Paid A105
    Sydney South
    NSW 1235
  • PayPal: If you would like to donate via PayPal, our account name is
Our online donation system is safe and entirely secure with the highest level of encryption possible. When donating to GetUp, all information you enter on the form is encrypted with a 256 bit encryption process authenticated by Geotrust, a trust verification service. Some older versions of browsers might occasionally display an error message indicating that aspects of the page are not secure. Please be assured that these are NOT related to the donation form itself, but tend to be videos or images related to the campaign. We are working to minimise the error messages, but if you do have any concerns please send us an email. Alternatively, you can also make a donation by cheque, PayPal or over the phone - email for more information.
There are a range of reasons why this may be the case. You may have a problem with your account or your bank - or you may have incorrectly entered your details, so double check them and try again. If you have selected "Other amount", check that you have entered an amount. If you continue to have problems, don't hesitate to email us at or call us on (02) 8188 2888.
To find out more about leaving a Bequest to GetUp, please click here.