We know that an open, free, and fair media is one of the cornerstones of democracy — and must be defended.

Our Media and Democracy campaigns fight to keep our ABC fully funded, for press freedom and whistleblower protections, and for a strong anti-corruption commission with real power to hold politicians to account.

Protect whistleblowers!

Two whistleblowers face life in jail in Australia because the laws meant to protect them are broken. We need the Government to drop their cases and implement immediate reform to stop the war on whistleblowers.

Save our ABC!

Call on the Albanese Government to restore and increase critical funding to the ABC so it can meet the needs of our communities with confidence, independence, and integrity.

GetUp gives everyday Australians the chance to make an extraordinary impact – online, across the airwaves, and in the streets.

GetUp focuses and amplifies your voice alongside a million others so that you’re not just heard – you make a real difference. You help set the strategy, you choose the issues you want to work on, and together, we make a huge impact.

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