We know that an open, free, and fair media is one of the cornerstones of democracy — and must be defended.

Our Media and Democracy campaigns fight to keep our ABC fully funded, for press freedom and whistleblower protections, and for a strong anti-corruption commission with real power to hold politicians to account.

Save our ABC!

Call on the Government to restore and increase essential operational funding to the ABC so it can meet the needs of our communities with confidence, independence, and integrity.

Restore trust in politics

Support a genuine corruption watchdog that can hold public hearings, make public findings, and is properly funded to clean up Parliament.

Fix our broken media laws

Urge the Government to reform our existing media ownership laws and introduce mechanisms that support independent and regional journalism.

Our voting rights are under attack

Join us in opposing any changes to our electoral system that would undermine voter rights and democratic participation.

Press Freedom is Under Attack

A Media Freedom Act is one of the best ways to protect legitimate public interest journalism from government prosecution and malicious investigations. We need one now.

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