We'd Miss You

Emails are the main way GetUp members are alerted to opportunities to take action on issues they care about. Without emails over the past few months, GetUp members wouldn't have been able to:

  • Run a huge enrolment effort which allowed over 162,000 people to vote in the 2013 Federal election who wouldn’t have otherwise been able to.
  • Reach 30% of Australians with GetUp advertising and 3 million voters with independent scorecards on election day.
  • Come together all across the country for a National Day of Climate action to let the Coalition know Australian’s want stronger action on climate change.
  • Place billboards in Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull’s electorates calling on the government to protect our ABC.

In 2014 GetUp members will be doing even more, and we’d love you to be a part of it. But if you do want to unsubscribe from our emails, just enter your email address below and click “Unsubscribe.” We’ll miss you if you go, but you can come back anytime by signing up at or joining a campaign that matters to you.

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