We’re striving for a safe climate and thriving, vibrant natural world that future generations can enjoy for years to come.

Our Climate Justice campaigns hold the government to account and demand clean energy and climate solutions that keep us and our planet safe.

Let's electrify!

Without a federal energy performance plan, more than eight million homes are inefficient, expensive to run, and ill-equipped for climate impacts. Ask the Albanese Government to announce a home electrification and efficiency package in the May 2023 federal budget.

End fossil fuel subsidies and $1.9 billion to Middle Arm gas hub

The Albanese Government is greenwashing the project as "sustainable" but now we have proof that this is a fossil fuel subsidy. Together we can stop the public funding to the Middle Arm gas and petrochemicals hub — along with the billions in annual subsidies to coal, oil and gas polluters. Will you add your name to the petition?

Call for a national climate compensation fund!

Survivors of climate disasters shouldn't have to foot the bill for damage caused by reckless fossil fuel corporations.

GetUp gives everyday Australians the chance to make an extraordinary impact – online, across the airwaves, and in the streets.

GetUp focuses and amplifies your voice alongside a million others so that you’re not just heard – you make a real difference. You help set the strategy, you choose the issues you want to work on, and together, we make a huge impact.

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