Frequently Asked Questions

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About GetUp

What is GetUp?

Is GetUp affiliated with any political parties?

GetUp Campaigns

What does GetUp campaign on?

I know about an important issue that you aren’t working on. How can I get a campaign up and running?

Does GetUp campaign on international issues?

If you campaign on issues, why do you get involved in elections?

Getting Involved

How can I become a GetUp member?

How do I volunteer?

Can I work at GetUp?

Subscription Troubleshooting

How can I change my personal details?

How do I reset my password?

How do I unsubscribe from GetUp emails?

I already unsubscribed but have continued to receive GetUp emails – what’s going on?

I'm a member but I haven't received updates from GetUp recently – what’s going on?

Can I unsubscribe from a specific campaign?

How did you get my email address?


I’d like to know more about the donations that fund GetUp

Are there other ways to donate instead of using a credit card on the website?

How can I change or cancel my regular donation?

Are you a non-profit organisation?

Are donations to GetUp tax-deductible?

What is your donations policy?

Why is my donation not being processed? It says it has been declined.

How can I include GetUp in my Will?

I want to receive GetUp emails, but can you stop requesting donations from me?

Technical Issues

I'm having problems navigating the GetUp website

When I put my postcode in to your website to send an email to my MP, the electorate that pops up is incorrect. What’s going on?