We believe in a society defined by social and economic equity, where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

Our campaigns for Economic Fairness push for tangible, positive change like increased funding for social housing, local job creation, and a social safety net everyone can rely on.

No profit from poverty

For decades private employment service providers have taken public money, exploited people doing it tough, and made big bucks. Profit has no place in publicly-funded welfare services. Show Labor we support bold action and demand no profit from poverty!

Increase JobSeeker

Interest rates are at a record high and people are being forced out of their homes by rent rises. We’re in a cost of living crisis. At the same time, the current JobSeeker rate of $334 a week is forcing people into poverty. Call on the Albanese Government to raise JobSeeker and help people doing it tough.

Stop unfair tax handouts

$255 billion worth of tax handouts for the top 3.6% of income earners in our society. It’ll be disastrous. But the Albanese Government has the power to stop them – they just need the political will. Call on Prime Minister Albanese to axe the stage three tax handouts.

Help us fight for a fairer future!

Big corporations get away with paying little to no tax while profiting off the communities who helped build their wealth, meanwhile there are people worrying how they'll keep a roof over their heads. The GetUp movement is campaigning to make sure rich corporations pay what they owe and everyone has access to the support and services they need. Chip in to help support our work.

GetUp gives everyday Australians the chance to make an extraordinary impact – online, across the airwaves, and in the streets.

GetUp focuses and amplifies your voice alongside a million others so that you’re not just heard – you make a real difference. You help set the strategy, you choose the issues you want to work on, and together, we make a huge impact.

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