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Make a donation!

Thank you for considering making a donation to GetUp.

GetUp relies entirely on small donations from the public to operate. We receive no government funding. Your generous donation will help build a fair, flourishing and just Australia.

Your regular contributions will give GetUp the ability to plan effectively, allowing us to campaign for long-term progressive change. By joining the GetUp crew, your regular donations will maximise the movement's impact.

GetUp keeps its internal costs down with a small Strategy Team, backed up by a much larger team of dedicated volunteer members. All donations go to our extensive campaign activities, like paid media and designing new interactive technology to get more progressive voices heard across Australia.

We have a policy of financial transparency, so each year we are externally audited and post a breakdown of our expenditure on this website.
Our credit card transactions are processed online using Camtech's payment Gateway. That information is encrypted before being sent using SSL certificates. If you encounter any difficulties using this facility, or have any questions, please contact us at

Donations to GetUp are not tax-deductible to ensure we remain strictly independent from government funding. As such we are dependent upon donations from members to maintain our advocacy and campaigning. We apologise if this causes inconvenience.