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Work at GetUp!

Want to build a progressive Australia alongside our excellent members and staff?

GetUp is an independent movement of more than 1,000,000 members campaigning for social justice, economic fairness and environmental sustainability in Australia. Join our team and come to work each day to fight for action on climate change, for a fairer go for asylum seekers and to protect Australia's social safety net.

Work with our inspiring, passionate, and growing membership.

Work within a tight, talented, fun team of world class campaigners, organisers, technologists and analysts.

Be a part of a team that supports a movement of one million members around the country


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You won't be pushing paper at GetUp. You'll be working to make Australia a more progressive society - to get government action on climate change and commitment to renewable energy, to get kids out of detention, to keep the budget fair to all Australians, to save the Great Barrier Reef.

You'll have a high degree of independence and autonomy at GetUp - if you have a great campaign or project or creative idea, run it past your boss, make it happen! Every day will be different and lots of days you'll be thrown curve balls and need to work out how to hit them out of the park.

While you'll have autonomy, you'll also receive guidance and training from some of the best campaigners in the country, both on staff and in the wider progressive movement.

While we aim to work roughly 9-5 and from the office, we understand that sometimes you need to work 11-7 and from your home.

We want our staff to work hard, but we also want them to have fulfilling lives outside of work. We are committed to getting our staff out of the office on time in the evenings and offer six weeks annual leave per year. Study leave may be negotiated.

We offer generous paid parental leave for both primary and secondary carers. And our flexibility on hours and location of work is useful for working parents.

We are part of a global progressive movement. We teach and learn from the best international campaigners by regularly connecting - through conferences and secondments - with partners in Europe, the US, Canada, India, and South Africa.

The first question we ask in all that we do is 'what can members do to create change?'. Our members are enablers of change. We put GetUp members at the centre of all campaign strategies and tactics – they are instrumental to any campaign victory. We take our responsibility as the stewards of members' time and money very seriously. We are open with and accountable to our members. We are GetUp members.

We are lifelong members of the progressive movement. We are powered by a deep and abiding passion for progressive change, for resisting conservative forces, and for fighting injustice and inequality. We desire to create progressive change on the issues that matter most to our members – climate change, asylum seekers and the social safety net, amongst others.

We are impact-driven and strategic. Our success is measured not by number of members or facebook likes. It is measured by whether we are influencing discourses, debates and decision makers. While our work is ambitious, we don't dive down every rabbit hole. We pick our battles. We focus on strategic opportunities to build power and show power, with a strong compass of short- and long-term purpose. We do the best work we can because we know that we make the greatest impact when our work is exceptional. We work hard, smart, and have a reputation for excellence.

A diverse team, membership and movement makes us better at seeing and fighting injustice. Our impacts are strongest when informed by diverse perspectives. We invest in and champion best practice solutions to increase diversity and empower every team member. We take positive action to prevent oppression, talking candidly about barriers to diversity and supporting each other through these conversations. We acknowledge our privilege and use it for good, constantly asking ourselves: how does my work support diverse voices and leadership? How am I working to share power in my day-to-day?

GetUp is one cog in the progressive movement wheel. We are humbled by the knowledge and talent of other progressive groups. We are thankful for the opportunity to work alongside them for a common purpose. We learn from them. At the same time, we recognise our privilege and strength, and use that to help other progressives. We empower the movement to do more, and do better, and we become stronger ourselves when we do. By acting generously and selflessly, we make our movement stronger.

We are a team and we are greater than the sum of our parts. We depend on each other's talents, expertise and passions to achieve excellence in all that we do. We're never turfy or competitive because we are stronger when we work together. Everything we achieve is the outcome of incredible collaboration and ongoing learning. We always make time to lend a hand or to give advice, because we know that it increases our impact. We share in each others successes and mistakes. We make sure that our teammates are looking after themselves. When the going gets tough - whether it be when we've had bad news about a campaign, or whether someone needs support about something going on in their life - we've got each other's backs.

Audacity is our standard practice. While we manage for risk, we never accept 'it can't be done' or 'that's impossible'. We are always aiming higher, pushing our own boundaries and getting outside our comfort zones, in our pursuit of progressive change. We're willing to take risks to achieve our goals. We are pioneers in our field, trying new and ambitious tactics to achieve our goals. We dream big, we are groundbreaking, we defy limits and never shy away from new challenges.

We always have our ear to the ground to identify opportunities to be impactful, and seize key moments as they arise. We are rapid responders - quick-thinking and fast-moving. Our rapid response is always weighed with accuracy and quality, a balance we try to get right by focusing on impact. The complex, ever-changing Australian political landscape in which we toil often necessitates changing gear, shifting priorities or pivoting to move forward with the most strategic action. We are flexible, adaptable, agile, and prepared to go all in to get the job done.

We are always innovating and experimenting. This means we are constantly taking risks and facing roadblocks and dead ends along the way. We aim to fail faster, meaning that we do not hold back on ideas for fear of failure. Rather, we try them out and either succeed or fail faster. We constantly scrutinise our work in terms of impact and reflect critically on what we could be doing better. We encourage open and transparent process, inviting feedback and evaluation on our work from each other, our members and our partner organisations. We relish any opportunities to improve our work because it makes us run more effective campaigns. We are constantly learning.

On the Creative side, the CAT team supports campaigners to create strong, original, and effective content for their campaigns; seeks opportunities for innovation; maintains relationships with production partners and ensures production is cost-efficient and of high-quality.

The aim of Analytics & Tech is to deliver first class tools that increase the scale and impact of GetUp's campaign and organising work. It is particularly focused on supporting the in-house platform that sits under most of GetUp's action pages, digital communications and donations, building deep integration with existing systems and new tools like NationBuilder to provide new functionality, illuminate the data and insights that help measure and fine-tune technology and campaign investments and importantly to support internal teams working effectively with external technology vendors.

CommunityRun is a grassroots campaigning platform built and powered by GetUp. The platform gives everyday Australians the tools to start a petition on the issue they care about, connect with other like-minded people, and put pressure on decision-makers with the help of that community.

Visit the CommunityRun Page

The political side leads GetUp's external relationships and outreach with politicians, influencers and the Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery; spearheads GetUp's electoral work along with the National Director; and evaluates and enhances the political impact of GetUp's campaigns.

Media and Community is geared to reach millions of Australians every week to shift public opinion and policy, build a progressive community and encourage participation in our democracy. As the media fragments, social media explodes and the role of our community grows, the focus is on innovation and effective execution to win campaigns.

Climate Justice campaigns for a just transition to a clean economy which: cuts pollution, strengthens Indigenous land rights, protects community health, provides safe jobs and makes clean energy cheaper for all Australians.

Electoral Impacts is essential for building and wielding the electoral power we need to achieve our climate justice, clean energy and other campaign goals. It helps develop and support a network of organisers to organise members to target political and corporate decision makers and voters in strategic locations across the country. It is in place to ensure that the climate justice movement has the electoral firepower to counter the influence of the fossil fuel industry and shift the political dynamics holding us back from a smooth and swift transition to the clean economy.

Market Impact campaigns are responsible for helping Australians harness their latent consumer power to accelerate our transition to clean energy by divesting from incumbent polluting companies and supporting ecologically sustainable companies, with a targeted focus on the Australian energy and banking sectors.

Human Rights campaigns are responsible for helping GetUp members to champion equality in Australia. Their priority issues include marriage equality, refugee and asylum seeker policies, women's rights, mental health, and the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. They help organise reactively against legislation obstructing human rights in Australia, and campaign proactively to organise members for legal and institutional changes that will break down structural discrimination and prejudice, with a vision to help build an Australia in which diversity protected and celebrated.

Economic Fairness campaigns empower GetUp members and the broader community to achieve a more economically and socially just Australia. They have a particular focus on preserving the 'fair go' for all Australians by way of accessible education, universal healthcare and a robust social safety net. They also champion smart budget reform to deliver the revenue to maintain quality essential services in health and education, and are working to shift the dominant economic narrative from a neoliberal agenda to one focused on who the economy serves.

Democracy campaigns aim to improve the freedom, fairness and integrity of our democracy by removing barriers to participation, making sure people get what they vote for, and ensuring our representatives actually represent us - literal representation in diversity, and otherwise through serving the public good over vested interests. They take a stand to protect free, fully-funded and independent public broadcasters, to improve media diversity and integrity, and to strengthen our civil liberties.

Operations focus on: people & culture and financial management. The former is related to maintaining a happy, high performing and diverse team, whereas the latter provides regular and reliable financial reporting to the leadership team and the board; and ensures efficient, effective and ethical use of members' money.

Legal & Governance deals with: legal advice, compliance, risk, and governance matters related to the GetUp Board.

To remain independent, GetUp relies on its members for regular and sustainable funds to carry out its work. Fundraising is a function responsible for growing and nurturing GetUp's financial membership base and to support campaigners secure funding through targeted activities.