Our movement's agenda set by our members push for tangible, positive change

GetUp is working towards a thriving democracy in Australia led by the values and hopes of everyday people. GetUp members set our movement’s agenda on issues they care about.

Economic Fairness

No profit from poverty

For decades private employment service providers have taken public money, exploited people doing it tough, and made big bucks. Profit has no place in publicly-funded welfare services. Show Labor we support bold action and demand no profit from poverty!

Climate Justice

Let's electrify!

Without a federal energy performance plan, more than eight million homes are inefficient, expensive to run, and ill-equipped for climate impacts. Ask the Albanese Government to announce a home electrification and efficiency package in the May 2023 federal budget.

Economic Fairness

Stop unfair tax handouts

$255 billion worth of tax handouts for the top 3.6% of income earners in our society. It’ll be disastrous. But the Albanese Government has the power to stop them – they just need the political will. Call on Prime Minister Albanese to axe the stage three tax handouts.

First Nations Justice

Help create a new Federal Aboriginal Heritage Act

Help create strong new legal standards for protecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage by funding a team of lawyers that includes Eddie Mabo’s lawyer, Greg McIntyre SC.

Climate Justice

Call for a national climate compensation fund!

Survivors of climate disasters shouldn't have to foot the bill for damage caused by reckless fossil fuel corporations.

Human Rights

Colour Code

We’ve created a platform for First Nations, migrant, and multicultural communities to come together and speak out about issues that affect us. Join us!

Human Rights

Stop hate in its tracks

Far right extremism in Australia is on the rise – and threatening our diverse communities. Call on politicians across the country to legislate against hate.

Climate Justice

End fossil fuel subsidies and $1.9 billion to Middle Arm gas hub

The Albanese Government is greenwashing the project as "sustainable" but now we have proof that this is a fossil fuel subsidy. Together we can stop the public funding to the Middle Arm gas and petrochemicals hub — along with the billions in annual subsidies to coal, oil and gas polluters. Will you add your name to the petition?

Economic Fairness

Increase JobSeeker

Interest rates are at a record high and people are being forced out of their homes by rent rises. We’re in a cost of living crisis. At the same time, the current JobSeeker rate of $334 a week is forcing people into poverty. Call on the Albanese Government to raise JobSeeker and help people doing it tough.

Human Rights

Offshore detention

It's unconscionable that people have been detained offshore for 7 years. Sign the petition and call on the government to bring people to safety now ✍️

First Nations Justice

Stop Tamboran's mega fracker

Tamboran Resources just announced a mega fracker is on its way from the US to frack the Beetaloo Basin. Find out more to help stop their devastating plan!

Media and Democracy

Protect whistleblowers!

Two whistleblowers face life in jail in Australia because the laws meant to protect them are broken. We need the Government to drop their cases and implement immediate reform to stop the war on whistleblowers.

Media and Democracy

Save our ABC!

Call on the Albanese Government to restore and increase critical funding to the ABC so it can meet the needs of our communities with confidence, independence, and integrity.

Economic Fairness

Help us fight for a fairer future!

Big corporations get away with paying little to no tax while profiting off the communities who helped build their wealth, meanwhile there are people worrying how they'll keep a roof over their heads. The GetUp movement is campaigning to make sure rich corporations pay what they owe and everyone has access to the support and services they need. Chip in to help support our work.

First Nations Justice

Stop First Nations Deaths in Custody

Call on the National Cabinet to make First Nations deaths in custody a key issue at their next meeting.

GetUp gives everyday Australians the chance to make an extraordinary impact – online, across the airwaves, and in the streets.

GetUp focuses and amplifies your voice alongside a million others so that you’re not just heard – you make a real difference. You help set the strategy, you choose the issues you want to work on, and together, we make a huge impact.

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