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Make a submission, demand ambition

Aim higher on climate

The Climate Change Authority are currently taking submissions on how ambitious the Australian Government should be on climate action, and they're only going to aim as high as we demand.

Big business, mining and energy have already got started - making submissions that claim that we don't need to do any better on climate change. But we know this isn't true. The deadline is this Friday, and we need to make sure that the government hears the voice of the community not big business.

This is our chance to show that the overwhelming majority of Australians want stronger climate ambition and that the science clearly provides all the evidence to justify strong action.

Not everything we do at GetUp is a flashy television commercial or a huge public rally. Sometimes it's strategic interventions from members like you that really make the difference. Last year, more than 7,800 of us sent messages to the Climate Change Authority countering the heavy polluting industry's arguments against renewable energy. This turned out to be 90% of the total renewable energy target submissions – a voice too loud to ignore.

Can we do it again? Make a submission today.
Here's some talking points:
  • The majority of Australians want stronger action on climate change that is in line with protecting Australia's health and prosperity. This majority support has continually been reaffirmed in many polls and research, including ABC's Vote Compass that showed that 61% of Australians believe the government should do more to tackle climate change.
  • Emissions must be reduced to zero by 2050 at the latest. The Climate Authority should make this explicit in its recommendations to the Australian Government.
  • I recommend that the CCA adopt a 25% emission reduction target by 2020 as a minimum short-term target. It is clear that the risks of a +2 degree world for Australia are significant, putting Australians, our natural environment and key industries, like agriculture, at risk.
  • The IPCC report released in September 2013 made clear, yet again, that the world is warming rapidly, humans are the primary cause, and very substantial action is immediately required. In particular, the IPCC report found that a hotter climate is already increasing the frequency and severity of many extreme weather events, and is changing rainfall patterns, creating risks for human well being, the global economy and the environment.
NB: By making a submission you agree that it will be provided to the Climate Change Authority who may publish it. The Climate Change Authority privacy policy is available here. When you enter your submission it will be collated by GetUp with all the other submissions and given to the Climate Change Authority in bulk at the end of their deadline this week.


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