We strive for our campaigns to contribute to the larger fight for First Nations Justice across the country.

Our team leads campaigns to end fracking in the Northern Territory, increase democratic participation, and create new federal laws protecting Aboriginal cultural heritage. Land Rights and Climate Justice are central to all our campaigns, and all First Nations work at GetUp is led by a team of campaigners from the Widjabul Wia-bul, Garrwa, Gooreng Gooreng, Wiradjuri, Noongar, Gubbi Gubbi, Kulkalgal, and Yanyuwa nations. There is no Justice without First Nations Justice.

Fracking companies can’t ignore Aboriginal voices

Fracking companies are pushing forward with their plans to open Australia’s first industrial shale gas field — and the consequences will devastate First Nations people and our climate.

Stand with Traditional Owners to Protect Country

Call on Origin Energy to listen to First Nations communities and dump their dirty and dangerous fracking plans.

Food Security in Remote Communities

Sign the petition calling for the release of critical funding and the establishment of Supply Guarantees and subsidies for remote communities nationwide.

Help create a new Federal Aboriginal Heritage Act

Help create strong new legal standards for protecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage by funding a team of lawyers that includes Eddie Mabo’s lawyer, Greg McIntyre SC.

Stop First Nations Deaths in Custody

Call on the National Cabinet to make First Nations deaths in custody a key issue at their next meeting.

Stop the Destruction of Aboriginal Sacred Sites

Learn how Rio Tinto got away with the desecration of Aboriginal sacred sites — and how we can stop it happening again.

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