Yesterday, Energy Minister Martin Ferguson announced that the Government has abandoned its commitment to shut down some of Australia's dirtiest power plants. The scheme, called Contract for Closure (CFC), was designed to close stations like the infamous Hazelwood brown coal plant, by paying out the commercial operators.

The most emissions-intensive generators are now free to continue polluting and are being paid $5.5 billion to do so through Government compensation. Now, it's being estimated that - due to that compensation - some of Australia's biggest polluters are actually expected to profit from the carbon price; the exact opposite to what should be an incentive to transition to cleaner technologies or shut down.

Join us in calling on the Government to immediately review the current compensation levels, and ask them to put what is currently being spent on propping up Australia's biggest polluters to achieving our clean energy future ambitions. Email the Ministers for Climate Change, Energy, and the Treasurer using our tool on the right and let them know what you think about yesterday's decision.