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Tell Labor: voters want fracking subsidies scrapped

The gas lobby is stepping up their PR campaign – and the consequences for all of us are dangerous.1

This week alone, they've generated countless deceptive headlines about the 'benefits' of gas with industry-funded reports and a National Press Club address.2,3

The gas lobby is being heard, but voters aren't, yet.

Ahead of the May budget, we have a critical window to have our voices heard. Will you send a short but powerful email to your Labor representatives?
GetUp members chipped in for polling that shows that a whopping 65.5% of Australians think the Albanese Government should not subsidise fracking in the NT with public funds. And an eye-watering 74.2% of Labor's own voters oppose subsidies.4

If thousands of us send this hard-hitting data to our Labor MPs or key ministers, we can show Labor that the people who elected them want them to side with Traditional Owners – not the gas lobby.
We know that sending polling to MPs can work because we did this with the Safeguard Mechanism – and helped overcome gas lobby objections to strengthen the new polluter laws.

3,500 GetUp members sent polling data to their Labor representatives as part of a massive campaign to influence negotiations, and together we secured tough new restrictions for Beetaloo frackers.

Now, as gas corporations lobby to keep billions of dollars in public subsidies in the upcoming May budget, we need to make sure our Labor MPs and key Labor ministers know the public rejects the lies of the gas lobby.

Will you send a quick email to show Labor that voters back Traditional Owners, not the gas lobby?
A national poll by UComms commissioned by GetUp on 17 March 2023 shows that an overwhelming two thirds of Australians think the Albanese Government should not subsidise fracking in the NT.

Key polling results:

  • 65.5% of Australians think the Albanese Government should not subsidise fracking in the NT with public funds, and should review all fossil fuel subsidies in the next federal budget.
  • 74.2% of Labor voters oppose subsidies.
  • Labor leads the two party preferred vote with 53%

For more information in our media release see here.
The Albanese Government is recommitting nearly $2 billion for the Middle Arm gas hub in the Northern Territory.

Middle Arm is a gas industry plan for a massive port and industrial hub on Darwin Harbour.

The ABC obtained the NT Government's original business case for Middle Arm through freedom of information requests. It details how the new hub would pump out petrochemicals using fracked Beetaloo gas that steamrolls the consent of Traditional Owners.6

Tamboran says their fracked gas is destined for Middle Arm and the gas lobby celebrated when $1.9 billion in public funding was announced in the October budget.7,8

After GetUp members – together with Traditional Owners and local campaigners – snapped into action to challenge the subsidy, the Albanese Government greenwashed the project as "sustainable".9 And the NT government quietly scrubbed the word "petrochemicals" from the Middle Arm website.10
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