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✍️ Don't gamble public money on gas!

Public money is for public good. For people, not polluters.

To protect the people and places we love from climate damage, we must rapidly transition to clean energy from sunshine and wind.

But right now, the Morrison Government is trying to gamble public money on climate-wrecking gas – through NAIF, CEFC, and other infrastructure funds – and it all adds up to a multi-billion dollar gas industry slush fund.
People not polluters They're pandering to gas lobbyists like Nev Power, who heads up the National COVID-19 Commission. Gas corporations are big political donors.1

Fracking, mining and burning gas is a climate disaster.2 Huge new methane gas pipelines and more invasive gas fields, terminals and power stations are not compatible with a liveable planet.

New laws to enable the subsidies already hit Parliament and could be listed for debate soon, where our representatives have the power to block or ammend them – so we must act now.

Sign the petition to representatives from the Coalition, the ALP, and independent or minor party Senators who hold critical votes. Let's unite and hold them accountable – and stop these new climate-wrecking subsidies!
NAIF stands for the Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund, but you probably remember it better as the $1bn slush fund the Coalition tried to hand out to the Adani pipeline.

ARENA and CEFC are our clean energy superheroes!

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) is responsible for funding Australia's most innovative renewable projects. Since 2012, ARENA has invested over $1.5 billion dollars in cutting-edge renewables research and building large-scale clean energy projects.

This current push from the Coalition is to make changes to the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC). It was established in 2012 to facilitate the flow of finance into the clean energy sector. They're essentially a green bank.

The clean energy market in Australia has faced ongoing and significant policy uncertainty which has undermined investment. The CEFC has acted as a stable presence, helping turn $7.2 billion into $24 billion in total project value as of 2019.

As well as financing clean energy projects, they have also financed energy efficiency programs, green buildings, and other emissions reductions across the broader economy.

Together, the CEFC and ARENA have enabled over 12,000 clean energy projects!
When the Coalition planned to hand out $1 billion in public funds to Adani through the NAIF, our movement mobilised and won. We built such momentum and power, the Queensland state government vetoed the loan.

First Nations communities have led campaigns against dangerous gas extraction on their country for years – successfully delaying disastrous projects that risk water, health and our climate.

More recently, GetUp members united with allies like the Australian Conservation Foundation and Solar Citizens to delay Angus Taylor's plans to tamper with the CEFC. Thanks to your people power, the opposition and some of the crossbench are determined to save it.

So it goes without saying – if they really care about clean energy, they'll step up again and stop the NAIF from propping up gas.

Together we can demand our representatives protect our climate and the people we love by voting down laws that enable public money for gas corporations – whether through NAIF, CEFC, ARENA or any other public fund.

Sign the petition, then you can RSVP to our campaign launch to find out more about how to get involved.
Gas is in decline, uninvestable.

  • Investors won't back gas – neither should our elected representatives.
  • Gas and fracking have been financially unstable for years, with falling demand and cheaper alternatives.
  • Clean, renewable energy is affordable. The International Renewable Energy Agency says the cost of solar has fallen by an incredible 82 per cent over the past decade.
  • Fossil fuel executives know coal and gas are in steep decline and are writing off assets, shelving plans and declaring bankruptcy. That's why they are pushing our elected representatives to subsidise them with public money – the private sector is abandoning gas and coal, fast.
  • Over the past decade, multinational gas corporations have donated $6.4 million to Australian political parties. Former gas executive Nev Power is the head of our national Covid-19 Commission Advisory Board.
  • Throwing public money to gas is uneconomic, unviable and irresponsible. This gas cash splash could saddle this country with polluting, dangerous, out-dated technology for decades. And keep making climate change even worse.
  • Gas production damages our climate at every stage of its supply chain, even before it's burned.
  • The projected climate pollution from proposed new gas projects is staggering.
  • Climate Analytics says one single gas project, Woodside's Burrup Hub, will significantly undermine Australia's international climate commitments.
  • Onshore shale oil and gas fields in the NT could result in up to 34 billion tonnes of climate pollution, equivalent to 60 times Australia's total current greenhouse gas emissions, according to the Australian Conservation Foundation.
[1] Donations data reveals scale of coal and gas industry efforts to influence Australian politics, Australian Conservation Foundation, 03 February 2021

[2] Gaslighting Australia: why the gas industry is an emerging climate and environmental disaster, Australian Conservation Foundation, June 2020


To all Members of Parliament and Senators,

Protect our climate and the people and places we love.

Don’t give public money to gas corporations through NAIF, CEFC, ARENA or any other fund.

Strengthen, not weaken, laws for clean energy and infrastructure so they cut climate pollution.

20,949 signatures

We need 29,051 more

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