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Scrap Morrison's gas subsidies

While communities face the consequences of rampant climate pollution – floods, relentless rain, destruction of Country – fossil fuel corporations are receiving billions in public funds to turbocharge mounting climate disasters.

The Morrison Government promised $3.5 billion in new public funds to benefit gas corporations. Parliamentary budget office analysis now reveals that more than half of these gas handouts were promised but not contracted.

Will you add your name to the petition to scrap them in the October budget? Text says 'polluters must pay not be paid #cleanupthebudget' with gas flare in background
GetUp is working with people on the frontlines of climate damage and movement allies to deliver a joint petition to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Treasurer Jim Chalmers and Climate Minister Chris Bowen calling on them to scrap the Morrison-era subsidies. But we need your help to make this joint petition massive so politicians take notice.

As flood-hit communities endure more rain, Traditional Owners in the NT are continuing to staunchly defend their country against fracking, with massive risks to water, cultural heritage, and our climate.

Axing the $3.5 billion in Morrison-era gas handouts is the crucial first step in undoing the staggering $11.6 billion in annual subsidies the fossil fuel industry receives

Will you add your quick signature calling on the Albanese Government to reverse Morrison's gas subsidies in the October budget?
In the wake of the Morrison Government's shameful $50 million for frackers in the 2021 budget, our movement raised enough funds to send Elders and their families from their remote communities of Ngukurr, Minyerri, and Borroloola all the way to Canberra.

With the help of GetUp members like you, Traditional Owners met with representatives from across the political divide – telling their stories and vision for the future.

In those meetings, they demanded an inquiry into the use of public funds for fracking corporations – and they won. Their work has already provided much needed scrutiny on the disastrous fracking industry.

Significant amounts of money were announced just prior to the federal election, including: $1.5 billion for the Darwin Port promised by Barnaby Joyce, $200 million for a gas-fired petrochemical precinct in Darwin's Middle Arm, and $263 million for carbon capture and storage, a technology which has repeatedly failed to deliver emissions reductions for the gas industry.[1]

Now we can end this wasteful use of public money once and for all.

That means scrapping Morrison's $3.5 billion new gas subsidies in the October budget. Sign the petition now!

Reference: [1] Labor urged to axe $1.9bn in 'zombie' fossil fuel subsidies promised by the Coalition, The Guardian, 20 September 2022.


To the Hon. Anthony Albanese, MP, Prime Minister of Australia, the Hon. Dr Jim Chalmers MP, Treasurer, Senator the Hon. Katy Gallagher and the Hon. Chris Bowen MP, Climate Change and Energy Minister,

Given your government’s commitment to take stronger climate action, we urge you to scrap the $3.5 billion of the Morrison’s Government’s gas handouts, review all fossil fuel subsidies, and commit to no new fossil fuel subsidies in the October 2022 Budget.

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