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Smokescreen – the new report from Per Capita and GetUp

A comprehensive new report by Per Capita and funded by GetUp members exposes the truth behind Morrison's bushfire "recovery".
Less than half the promised funds have been spent:
The Federal Government announced $2.74 billion bushfire funds in the last 12 months, but has only delivered around 48% of that.

Promised funds are not reaching families in need fast enough:
At the current rate, it will take until nearly January 2023 to distribute the entire fund – three years after the fires.

Some funds seem to be delivered based on political opportunity over community need:
So far 86% of certain funds have gone to the Liberal-governed states of NSW and SA, with only 14% going to Labor-governed VIC and QLD.

There is little to no transparency over the funds:
Considering the level of national importance these funds hold, government transparency over them is severely lacking, and there are multiple accounts of Federal Government ministers misrepresenting the scale of the funding and the speed of delivery.

Morrison's "$2bn" is only notional:
The Government's own senior civil servants have confirmed the $2bn in the National Bushfire Recovery Agency is notional only, a theoretical description of a number of different pots of money, some new and some redirected from other government programs.

In spite of this, we've witnessed courageous resilience from bushfire-ravaged communities across the country. But they shoudn't have to face these challenges alone.

The role of federal government should be to protect the people and places we love from extreme climate damage. This new report proves that hasn't been the case.

It's not fair that big corporations who make billions off their carbon pollution pay nothing to clean up the mess when climate damage hits – leaving it to families who have lost everything.

You can view the report below, or download it here.
What do these findings and numbers mean in real terms?

GetUp has teamed up with local videographers across Victoria and New South Wales to tell the human story behind the data.

It's the story of GetUp members who lost everything. It's the story of Indigenous academics researching the compounding impacts of these events for our First Nations people. It's the local legends helping their communities get back on their feet in the absence of government support.

We're pulling together all of these important stories and struggles into a short documentary. Keep an eye out for an invite to the exclusive premiere in the coming weeks.