This Tuesday, the Senate is slated to pass the Clean Energy Bill, ending the long process of putting a price on pollution into Australian law. We've been through a lot to get here, so we're taking a moment to step back and reflect on what this means for future generations.

To commemorate this historic event, we're giving you the chance to be part of history by adding your message to a time capsule to be gifted to the Museum of Democracy and opened in 2050. Can you send a message to put in a time capsule, and show future generations you cared enough to speak up in an era when fear and cowardice almost won the day?

Use the form on the right to add your message.

You're welcome to write anything - maybe it's a message to the grandchildren you haven't met yet, or maybe it's a message to their children. You could tell a story from a climate rally you attended, write a simple thank you addressed to local climate heroes or MPs, or maybe you'd just like to share a couple of quick words about why a clean energy future matters to you. Whatever you write, you're preserving the heart and hope of this important moment for generations to come.

Questions? Drop us a line at [email protected]