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It's expensive. It's polluting. It's peddled by a collection of corporations that some experts have labelled a cartel. So how did we get hooked on gas – and how do we make it stop?

🍿 Watch this short film on the twisted history of the gas cartel to find out:

The gas cartel is driving up power prices and blocking the transition to clean, affordable energy. But if enough people share this video, we can expose their dodgy tactics.

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Gas and oil corporations' income will double this year to a gob-smacking $5.9 trillion.1 Even the federal Treasury Secretary says gas corporations are reaping unusually high profits, and "the same price increases are leading to a reduction in the real incomes of many people, with the most severely affected being lower income working households".2

Right now, the Albanese Government is looking for ways to lower gas prices.3 Meanwhile, the gas giants and their spin doctors want to hide the fact that the gas crisis is caused by corporate greed, and the climate crisis is caused by their pollution. And now, they're pitching to make the problem worse with more expensive, polluting gas fields.

All the while, the Murdoch Press shamelessly promotes gas corporations' desperate greenwashing.4

If we expose the dodgy dealings of the gas industry, we can remove the social licence for new fracked gas fields like the Beetaloo, and build pressure for government decisions that help people get off expensive gas and get onto cheaper, cleaner, renewable energy – fast!

That's why we've created a powerful new mini-documentary exposing the gas cartel. Will you watch it, and chip in to get it in front of over a million people?
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