If you're a Santos shareholder who owns at least $500 worth of shares, there's an amazing and urgent opportunity for you to make sure the dangers of coal seam gas are discussed at Santos' Annual General meeting.

The resolution on coal seam gas can only be put to a vote if more than 100 shareholders sign on in the next few days. 50 shareholders have already signed - so to make sure it's on the the agenda at the AGM, we're going to need to collect 50 more hand-written signatures by this Friday. All you need to do is print & send the form we've attached below.

It's ambitious, but we think we can do it. Are you in?

Here's what you need to do:

1 - Print out the form that we've embedded below, and read through it. It asks for an immediate halt to Santos' CSG development in NSW.

2 - Sign your name on the bottom of the form. Please don't alter the letter - but feel free to add a cover letter to express your personal concerns.

3 - Send it in an express form envelope addressed to:

The Wilderness Society
South Australia
GPO Box 1734
Adelaide, SA, 5001

Sound good? Let us know that you're on board buy entering your email address on this page and we'll send you all these details by email.

Any problems with the embedded document? Click here to download it as a PDF. --


Thank you for being a part of it. By getting on board, you'll be standing with the many other Santos shareholders who are concerned about Santos' coal seam gas activities - and we'll be in touch soon!