Following the Hazelwood Mine fire near the small Victorian town of Morwell, local resident Tracie knew she had to act. Although Tracie had never started a campaign before, in just four weeks she collected over 25,000 signatures for a health study into the impacts of the mine fire upon her town. More than 1,600 of her supporters emailed Victoria's Chief Health Officer to put the pressure on - and together, they won.

Below is a message to her supporters who helped win this campaign.

Dear Supporters and Friends,


Chief Officer Rosemary Lester announced a long-term health study!

Ms Lester has told us the study will look into respiratory problems, heart conditions and possible developments of cancer in the Morwell community caused by the Hazelwood Mine fire. What's more, the study will look into Morwell residents' health over the next 10 years.

And this study won't just help suffering Morwell residents. It will "fill an international knowledge gap" according to news reports*, which means the study will benefit mining communities facing similar circumstances in Australia and around the world for years to come.

It's hard to believe that this campaign started only a few weeks ago with a simple online petition and a request that you share it amongst friends. And you did so much more than that.

You embraced this cause wholeheartedly and shared it with friends and family, spreading the word via email, social media and word of mouth. Before we knew it, we had a ground swell response of nearly 25,000 signatures. In Morwell, more than 200 people without access to the internet signed a paper petition distributed around town.

But that wasn't all. On top of this, more than 1,627 people flooded Ms Lester's email inbox asking her to announce a long-term health inquiry for Morwell residents. There's no denying Ms Lester heard us alright and the success of this campaign was because of you.

Thanks to all you who stood up to be counted against injustice, Morwell residents will now get the information they deserve and need. Thank you to all our supporters and all your kind words of support throughout this campaign. We will all rest easier now.

Morwell applauds your efforts,

Tracie Lund

PS - For further information on the anounced health study you can click on the links below: