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Join us to hear directly from some of the biggest names in smaller parties running in the 2013 Federal election.

What: Now That's a Party!
Who: Senator Scott Ludlam - Australian Greens, Fiona Patten - Sex Party, Greg Barns - Wikileaks Party, Brendan Molloy - Pirate Party, Sam Wainwright - Socialist Alliance. Moderated by Peter Kennedy, retired political journalist and Adjunct Professor, University of Notre Dame.
When: 6pm, Friday 14 June.
Where: State Library of Western Australia Auditorium

This election we need a much broader debate on climate, refugees and the economy - and more parties mean more voices that the major parties are forced to listen to. Ever since Steven Fielding, the Family First Senator from Victoria was elected with fewer than 3000 primary votes, people have started to sit up and pay more attention to smaller parties.

We can't vouch for, and certainly don't endorse, any of these parties, but we hope the you can join us to hear what they have to say and make a decision for yourself.


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