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IGA: Keep serving the community, say no to profits from pokies.

It's been reported today that Metcash, the grocery wholesaler that operates grocery chain IGA, is on the brink of making a deal that would see it buying up pubs and profiting from dangerous and addictive poker machine revenue.

We have the power to support IGA by letting Metcash know that we shop there because of the fact that they don't profit from problem gambling. Let's send a message of support to show Metcash that continued integrity and a community friendly brand are more important in attracting a loyal customer base than making an easy buck from addicted gamblers at high loss poker machines.

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To Metcash (operator of IGA):

I'd prefer to do my grocery shopping at a business, like IGA, that I know is not profiting from the pain of problem gamblers.

Metcash should stay true to its expressed goal of "championing local roots" and continue to benefit its communities by not compromising its values and promising not to make profits from problem gambling at high loss electronic poker machines.

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