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Game changer in the fight against tax dodgers

Our movement is taking massive strides to crack down on corporate tax dodgers - and the politicians who enable them.
Our report is already making headlines – and we just got word that the lead author of the report has been invited to a snap Senate Committee hearing tomorrow in Canberra!

With Budget less than two weeks away, now's the perfect moment to put an actionable policy blueprint into the hands of every single politician in the country.

Check out the report below, then send it on to your MP now.

This game-changing report, complete with water-tight policy recommendations, was fully funded by donations from 1713 GetUp members. Congratulations!

Both the Coalition and the ALP have policies to crack down on corporate tax dodging – neither of which go far enough.

The ALP's policy is more robust than the Coalition's, and would take some steps towards closing the Debt Loading loophole outlined in the report.

According to recent media leaks however, the Turnbull Government may be planning to include a tightening of corporate tax rules in the upcoming Budget. We don't know the details yet, so let's go hard and push the major parties into a race to the top on corporate tax dodging.
You can download a copy by clicking on this link.

Tell Your MP: The Excuses End Here

Backed by the expertise of expert tax academics, we will champion clear policy solutions to loopholes that see multinationals snatch billions in funding from our schools and hospitals. Will you get the report into the hands of your MP now?

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There is no reasonable excuse for not acting to close these loopholes.
Voters want investment in our schools and hospitals and corporate tax dodgers are starving us of the necessary funding.
This report outlines clear policy solutions to shutting down loopholes used by corporate tax-dodgers.
Corporate tax dodgers are robbing our local schools and hospitals.
Many multinational corporations are paying a lower tax rate than average teachers and nurses.
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