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Put public health in public hands

Private health lobbyists are descending on Canberra to demand bailouts. They're threatening to shut down hospitals, and stand down staff this week.

More than 600 nurses have already been stood down, with hundreds more to follow.1

If we can't trust the private hospitals to deliver public health, they don't need free money – they need to be nationalised.
With healthcare CEO's in closed door meetings with the Prime Minister today – we need to act fast.

Will you sign the petition to nationalise struggling private hospitals?

References: [1] Australia's private hospitals face closure after coronavirus causes elective surgery ban, The Guardian, 28 March 2020
Around the world, governments are nationalising private hospitals to coordinate the crisis response.

Spain and Ireland have already nationlised essential healthcare assets, with France not far behind.

It's time for Australia to follow suit. Healthcare is a right, not a business model – and we won't let it be taken hostage.
Hardworking nurses and health staff are having their jobs treated as bargaining chips by private health lobbysists.

It's nothing short of disgraceful.

If private hospitals can't gurantee their workers secure jobs and decent pay during the crisis – they need to be brought under public control, so we can take care of the healthcare workers who are taking care of us.


To the Morrison Government,

Healthcare belongs in public hands.

Private hospitals refusing care for all must be nationalised. It's crucial for a coordinated healthcare response to COVID-19.

Healthcare is a right - not a business model.

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