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Help stand up to Murdoch!

The Murdoch Press think they can silence us as we hold them to account for their climate denial. GetUp have faced days of misleading attacks in The Australian with the aim of drying up our donations.1,2,3

Prove them wrong by chipping in to support our work.
Grayscale image of Rupert Murdoch looking sinister
If donations really do dry up, our movement will be greatly weakened and the Murdoch Press wins. After that example, few will be willing to stand up to the Murdoch empire.

Or we can prove them wrong with a new wave of support to keep holding them to account by pressuring advertisers, driving unsubscribe campaigns and standing strong against their attacks.

Help show the Murdoch Press their bullying attacks only make us stronger by making a one-off donation today.
[1] Every dollar you donate to GetUp is a waste of money, The Australian 25 February 2020.
[2] GetUp 'could struggle to cover $7m wage bill', The Australian 25 February 2020.
[3] Bulk of GetUp donations spent on salaries, travel, The Australian 24 February 2020.