If you or anyone you know has problems voting on Election Day, you can call the GetUp Voter ID Hotline on 1800 175 958 or tweet us @getup. Lawyers will provide you with the help you need to make sure your vote is counted.

There's no real evidence of voter fraud in Australia. Instead, Voter ID laws work to disenfranchise specific groups such as Indigenous Australians, new immigrants, young people and seniors.

But despite these new laws, you're still legally allowed to vote if you don't have your ID! GetUp members have partnered with a team of lawyers to make sure that no one is turned away at the ballot box and that everyone's vote counts.

So on election day, don't let Campbell Newman's draconian and unnecessary Voter ID laws silence you or your neighbour – if you're asked for ID, make sure you speak up!

Call us: 1800 175 958
Tweet us: @getup

To learn more about new Voter ID laws in Australia and the campaign against them by thousands of Queensland GetUp members, take a look at the Democracy section in our annual report 2013 - 2014 Annual Report.