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We need a federal anti-corruption watchdog with teeth!

The explosive findings from the final banking royal commission report show how urgently we need a federal corruption watchdog with teeth.

Imagine if the banking royal commission had been conducted in secret. The misconduct of greedy bank execs would continue to flourish – while everyday people continue to suffer.

This is why we need a federal anti-corruption watchdog with public visibility of its findings, broad investigative powers, and the ability to investigate public complaints.

Will you add your name to the call demanding Parliament to reject the Coalition's toothless watchdog?
  • No public hearings. It'll keep all investigations a secret, doing more to help cover up corruption than expose it.
  • No public findings of corruption. Meaning politicians are less likely to face any real consequences for their misdeeds.
  • Limited scope. The Government watchdog won't be able to investigate previous instances of dodgy behaviour from politicians – like Peter Dutton's au pair scandal.
  • Limited powers. It won't be able to investigate complaints from members of the public or use standard investigative powers like intercepting MP phone calls.
  • Limited funding. The Coalition are planning to underfund the watchdog – meaning less investigations, and less resources to uncover corruption.
Every state already has an anti-corruption watchdog and they have proved their worth time and time again in exposing corruption and wrong-doing.

A federal anti-corruption watchdog with teeth – with broad investigative powers and public hearings – would transform our federal politics. Polling shows more than 80 per cent of Australians want a federal corruption watchdog.1 But change doesn't happen because of polls – it happens because so many people demand it that our leaders can't ignore it any longer.

[1] Federal corruption watchdog needed, say 80 per cent of Australians: poll, Sydney Morning Herald, 13 January 2017.
Labor, the Greens and the entire crossbench have committed to genuine reform – but they'll face enormous political pressure from corporate interests and the Coalition to wave through this toothless watchdog when Parliament returns in February.

That's why we have to do everything we can to ensure Labor and the crossbench stand strong against corporate pressure and reject the Coalition's sham watchdog.


To all MPs and Senators,

Our communities deserve a political system free from corporate influence.

We want a federal anti-corruption watchdog that'll make sure our politicians always act in the best interest of everyday people – and not their mates in Big Business.

We call on you to reject the Coalition's sham watchdog, and legislate for an anti-corruption body that could truly tackle political corruption.

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