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Power GetUp's election campaign!

"An avalanche of left-wing people who are against us at this upcoming election."1

Ultra-conservative commentator Peta Credlin has joined forces with Tony Abbott, Pauline Hanson, and others, to unleash on GetUp members in a 60 minute SkyNews "documentary".

This attack is as coordinated as it is calculated – showing how afraid the Morrison Government and Murdoch Press are of our movement just days out from an election being called.

And so they should be. From Lingiari, to Goldstein, to Eden-Monaro, we've identified the marginal electorates where Morrison is most vulnerable – and we're not holding back.

Now we need your help to fund the vote-shifting tactics that will make it possible.

Will you chip in to power GetUp's super targeted election campaign and prove McGrath, Abbott and Sky News right? Image of Tony Abbott, James McGrath and Scott Morrison in black and white

With enough funding, we can:
  • Buy up billboards and cinema ads in key electorates;
  • Print thousands of direct mail pieces to land in voters' letterboxes;
  • Distribute how-to-vote cards in priority seats ahead of election day;
  • Launch high visibility community events, including candidate forums;
  • Roll out a massive final enrolment push in First Nations communities;
  • Run calling parties around the country to reach undecided voters;
  • Translate election material into local languages;
  • And much more...
The election will be called in a matter of days, and we need to kick start this work immediately if we're to save our climate and ensure the future of Country is in the hands of the Traditional Owners who have cared for it since time immemorial.

Will you chip in to fund this election work?
We've identified three categories of marginal seats where the Morrison Government can be held to account for their cosy relationship with the fossil fuel industry, as well as the exact messages needed to activate undecided voters.

  • 🌏Inner city seats like Goldstein, Kooyong, Higgins, Casey, and Mackellar: Blue-ribbon Liberal seats under threat from high-profile independents with strong climate agendas.

  • ✊🏾First Nations communities on the frontlines of fracking like Lingiari and Leichhardt: These election battleground seats are where the communities fighting against fracking and for cultural heritage protection hold enough electoral power to swing the seat.

  • 🗣Communities on the frontlines of fires and floods, like Eden-Monaro, Macquarie, and Ryan: In these marginal electorates we'll be making sure voters have the Morrison Government's climate inaction front of mind when casting their ballots, as well as platforming these stories to the whole country, to shift the public narrative about Morrison's climate inaction and failed leadership.

We all know election campaigns are expensive – but with thousands of people chipping in, it's possible.

Can you help fund this massive election campaigning effort from the city to the desert to the Reef?
[1] The Campaign Uncovered: A Peta Credlin Investigation, SkyNews, 5 April 2022.