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Stop First Nations Deaths in Custody

Right now the world is watching the United States in horror, after George Floyd – an unarmed black man – was mercilessly killed by police.

It's yet another story of a life taken too soon, and a horrific reminder of the violence that First Nations people face at the hands of the police, right here in Australia.

Since the Royal Commision into First Nations Deaths in Custody, the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people that have died in custody has quadrupled – that's over 400 people that have lost their lives at the hands of our justice system in the past 30 years alone.

Despite this, not one single perpetrator has been convicted.

The National Cabinet, made up of Federal and state leaders, meets in less than two weeks, so we need to ramp up the pressure now. Will you sign the petition demanding National Cabinet make this the top priority at their next meeting?
It's clear we have a deep seeded problem that is costing people's lives, yet for years, Federal and State Governments have ignored calls from First Nations people to take action to prevent further deaths in custody.

But with the world talking about George Floyds death, the flames of injustice have been stoked, and black communities across the world are standing up to demand fair and just treatment.

With National Cabinet meeting in just under two weeks, we have the chance to make sure our politicians are talking about the issues right here, and following the lead of First Nations communities to ensure no more deaths in custody.

Sign the petition asking the National Cabinet to make this a key issue on their next meeting. Together we can stand with communities on the frontlines of police violence and make sure that we see change nationally.


We call on the National Cabinet to make First Nations Deaths in custody a key issue at their next meeting.

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