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Demand a Truth Telling Commission

If we are to find a solution to any problem we must first be able to speak about it, to name it, to understand its scale, its origins and the ways we are impacted by it, perhaps even the ways some people benefit off its perpetuation.

The Morrison government is shamefully working with the One Nation party to keep this country in the dark — because they know if they shine a light on the truth of this place, they can't maintain the status quo.

We can't let this government turn its back on the aspirations of First Nations peoples. So now we have to show them that there is a growing movement of people who won't stay silent about the history of this country.

The opportunity for First Nations peoples to tell the truth of the realities of colonisation for our communities is long overdue. But it's not just about what was taken - it's a chance to tell the powerful stories of our pride, survival and resilience.

Aboriginal flag at rally


Dear Scott Morrison, We demand a National truth and justice commission.

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