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Contact Trade Minister Steven Ciobo!

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Trade Minister Steven Ciobo has changed the rules of EFIC — the Government's credit agency — to allow it to pump hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars into projects just like Adani's.1

A huge handout like this could be exactly what Adani needs to start digging their monstrous coal mine.

It means Adani can now sleep easy knowing the Coalition will do whatever it takes to help make their coal mine a reality.

And it means we have to fight back. We need to show Minister Ciobo that our communities won't stand by and let him change the rules to prop up Adani's disastrous coal mine.

Email Mr Ciobo to demand he reverses the changes to EFIC's mandate!

[1] Coalition to allow government-backed loans to coalmines as banks hesitant, The Guardian, 11 September 2017

    What you say is up to you, but we've provided some talking points on why EFIC shouldn't fund mining projects, in case you need some inspiration.

  • It's not what our communities want

    Ciobo said it himself. New coal projects have faced huge public opposition from communities right across the country. Our elected representatives should listen to the people, not ignore them to protect their mining mates.

  • There should be no public money for coal

    We want our taxes invested in health, education, and clean energy — not given away to coal billionaires to throw at dirty and outdated technology.

  • Even the banks won't fund it

    All of Australian's major banks have refused to fund Adani's disastrous project, and are incresingly distancing themselves from investing in coal in general. Even the banks know the smart money is in renewables.

  • Our climate can't afford more coal mines

    Our climate is at a crisis point. Extreme floodings and bushfires are destroying people's homes. Our farmers are struggling to cope with water shortages due to prolonged droughts. And as much as half of our Great Barrier Reef has died over the last two years, risking the livelihoods of tourism operators.

Contact Steven Ciobo

Email Trade Minister Steven Ciobo to demand he reverse his changes to EFIC's rules and bans the agency from funding onshore mining projects.

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