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Turnbull is bending over backwards to hand Adani hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars through the government's shadowy credit agency EFIC — the Export Finance and Insurance Corporation.

Turnbull's government went so far as to change the rules of EFIC to allow the agency to fund projects just like Adani.1 And now they're planning to use EFIC to pump the project full of money via the backdoor, handing over huge sums to Adani's subcontractors.2

But taxpayers don't want to use their own hard-earned money to prop up a corrupt billionaire's coal mine.

We want our taxes invested in health, education, and clean energy — not handed over to a mining giant to throw at dirty and outdated technology.

Sign the petition against EFIC funding for Adani!

[1] Coalition to allow government-backed loans to coalmines as banks hesitant, The Guardian, 11 September 2017
[2] Federal Government to lend money to Adani business associates, The Sydney Morning Herald, 5 March 2018