Dr Charlie Veron in scuba gear

This man is the "Godfather of Coral". And he has an offer the Turnbull Government can't refuse.

Dr Charlie Veron knows coral — he's discovered 20% of the world's coral species. He also knows that coal is the number one threat to the survival of the world's coral Reefs. That's why Dr Veron is asking Federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg to help save the Reef by revoking approval for Adani's monster coal mine.

Josh Frydenberg has ample grounds to approve Dr Veron's request, and he's stated publicly that his department is considering it right now. A public display of support for revoking Adani's approval could be just what's needed to push Minister Frydenberg over the line. But we need to back in Dr Veron's request right now.

Can you sign the petition asking Josh Frydenberg to revoke Adani's approval?