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Chip in to expand FraudStop!

The Coalition is currently ramping up its horrific robodebt scheme, targetting people who don't have the resources to stand up for themselves: flood victims, intellectually disabled people, even parents of dead children.

But we have just the tool to fight back.

Two years ago, we came together to build Fraudstop – a single form that lets people automatically appeal their debt, lodge and FOI for important personal records, and alert their local MP. It's been used by thousands to start the long journey toward having their unfair debt waived.

But in the last month, as the Government ramps up its attacks, the number of daily applications being lodged through Fraudstop have tripled.

We need to urgently invest in the Fraudstop platform, updating it to make it more accessible for people who lack access to a computer with the internet, and ensuring that folks know that there's an easy way to challenge their debts.

We're talking to developers who can optimise Fraudstop for mobile phones, including creating an easy to use chatbot for people who aren't good with online forms. Our ad buyers are scouring regional areas for opportunities to raise the profile of Fraudstop and help everyday people fight back against the Morrison government's false debt threats.

Every successful challenge throws sand in the cogs of this horrific program – and if we scale up enough we can grind the whole broken system to a halt.Can you chip in to expand and roll out Fraudstop, and help people fight back against the Morrison government?
To date, more than 70,000 robodebt threats have been found to be fraudulent – with your help, we can help overturn 70,000 more.

Here's how:
  • Expand Fraudstop to connect with people from region communities who are miles from the nearest service centre, and often lack access to a desktop computer.
  • Develop a specialised mobile app for the 20% of low-income households who don't have access to a computer with the internet.
  • Work with developers to build an automated legal chatbot so that Fraudstop is accessible for young people, and anyone else who has difficulty with online forms.
  • Advertise like hell to raise the visibility of Fraudstop to make sure that everyone knows they can fight back against this government's fresh attacks.

With your help we can give people the tools they need to resist this oppressive program – no matter where they live, or whether or not they can use a computer.
FraudStop lets people fight false debt threats with a single form:

  • It automatically posts a formal appeal to Centrelink by post, free of charge. Centrelink offices are desperately understaffed, and phone lines are jammed.
  • It sends an FOI Request so you don't need to desperately hunt down payslips, or medical certificates from five years back.
  • It alerts your local MPFraudStop automatically sends a request for help to your local MP. If your MP is responsive, their intervention can really help speed things up – and we've already heard stories of MPs responding to help.
But the government has been emboldened by it's election victory and is moving with an aggression we rarely see.

We need to fight back right now, with an even more accessible platform and a huge awareness campaign – or we won't reach people in time.
Yes - and we'll continue to support the fight to bring this horrific program to an end. There are a number of amazing grassroots campaigns to end the punitive treatment of people on income support.

The Australian Unemployed Workers Union provides an advocacy and support hotline for unemployed workers, including those impacted by robodebt – and has been a powerful voice for people on income support.

Over the coming months we're going to play our part in the growing campaign to raise Newstart and elevate the voices of unemployed people who have been ignored for too long.But right now we just want to make sure no one relents and pays a debt they don't owe, because of a lack of resources or a lack of help.