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Put an end to robo-debt

The Senate just handed down a report confirming the Coalition is hitting hundreds of thousands of Australians with fraudulent debts that are near impossible to appeal.

Worse still, they're planning to expand the disastrous scheme on July 1, this time targeting pensioners.

Responding to today's scathing Senate report, GetUp members are standing shoulder to shoulder with the Australian Council of Social Services and community campaigners across the country.

Together, we're calling for measures will dramatically improve the lives of thousands of everyday Australians unfairly targeted by the Turnbull Government's vicious robo-debts.

Can you email your Coalition MP or Senator right now to demand change before the 1 July deadline?
  • Introduce yourself and tell your MP or Senator why you're emailing them
  • If you have a personal story related to robo-debt or our income support system, you should share it
  • Tell your MP or Senator how concerned you are about the 1 July robo-debt roll-out to pensioners
  • Urge them to urgently adopt our demands (listed in the grey contact module on this page)
  • Share any other thoughts you have about the Coalition's recent attacks on our income support system, and how it might affect your vote at the next Federal election
  • This report gives a detailed explanation of how the robo-debt system actually functions, laying bare the inadequacies of the data matching system.
  • It details the human impact, and the great harm caused to individuals that received robo-debt letters.
  • It examines the difficulties people faced just trying to contact Centrelink to appeal debt claims that were plainly false.
  • It demonstrates how the appeals process is stacked against the people targeted by robo-debt, unreasonably forcing the onus of proof onto them at every step of the way.
  • And it looks at the debt recovery process, including the threatening manner in which everyday people were hounded for debts they simply did not owe.
All in all it's an extremely bad look for the robo-debt system. And the Committee doesn't shy away from saying so.

You can find a full copy of the report here.

Tell your Coalition MP or Senator: No more excuses

Together, we'll deliver the Turnbull Government five urgent demands:

  1. Adopt every single one of the senate's recommendations
  2. Pull the plug on the flawed and unfair robo-debt system
  3. Ensure people receiving income support are not bullied or intimidated
  4. Protect people's right to confidentiality and privacy
  5. Urgently convene a roundtable of key stakeholders and experts to design a humane and fair approach to dealing with possible overpayments

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