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Whistleblower: Massive Government Fraud

Whistleblower horrified at what are directed to do

A brave whistleblower is risking their job to expose the shocking truth behind the Turnbull Government's bullying debt-threat debacle.
The whistleblower has revealed the flaws in the Turnbull Government's broken data-matching system that creates tens of thousands of false debt threats -- and confirmed that these flaws are the way the system is designed to work.

Worst of all, the whistleblower reveals that Centrelink staff are being directed to ignore errors caused by the automated data-matching computer, and not help customers who have appealed their letter.

The whistleblower's account has been verified by The Guardian and other sources today.1

Now that the truth has been revealed, the system must be scrapped immediately. Will you add your name to the call?

[1] Centrelink staff told not to fix mistakes in debt notices – whistleblower, The Guardian, 19 January 2017
  1. Doubling Income: A person's entire income from the same employer is doubled up or certain parts of their income are duplicated, like leave and termination payments.
  2. Non-Assessable Income: Items are included as income that should not be counted, like expense reimbursements and some paid parental leave payments.
  3. Fictitious Payments: The system is generating debts based on payments that Centrelink never made. It's even possible to have a debt claim larger than a person's total Centrelink payment.
  4. False Recovery Fees: Recovery fees are regularly being applied when they shouldn't and can be much larger than the set fee of 10%.
  5. Corrupted Review: Compliance officers are directed not to fix these errors, even when they have the evidence, and their work is rejected when they do. Even on appeal, errors will only be corrected if the person specifically identifies them, which can be nearly impossible.


To Prime Minister Morrison and the Cabinet:

We call upon you to abandon the crude automated system that is cruelly and incorrectly accusing people of false Centrelink debts.

We demand that our government refrain from all punitive measures that unfairly target or demonise people receiving income support.

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We need 4,597 more

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