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Senate Robo-Debt Inquiry: Have your say

Did you or someone you know receive a robo-debt letter? Or have you simply got grave concerns about how the whole ordeal has been handled?

Use our handy tool to send your submission to the Senate inquiry.

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Here's some questions to help get your submission started.

  • Have you or someone you know received an automated debt letter? If yes, what is wrong with the debt you are being accussed of owing? What impact is the automated debt letters having on you and your family and friends?
  • What would you like to see done about the debt letter system?
  • What do you think about private debt collectors being used to collect Centrelink debts?
In January GetUp received a letter from an anonymous whistleblower. It revealed major and systematic problems with the automated debt letters, and the level to which these problems are already known. The five main issues raised by the whistelblower are:

  1. Doubling Income: A person's entire income from the same employer is doubled up or certain parts of their income are duplicated, like leave and termination payments.
  2. Non-Assessable Income: Items are included as income that should not be counted, like expense reimbursements and some paid parental leave payments.
  3. Fictitious Payments: The system is generating debts based on payments that Centrelink never made. It's even possible to have a debt claim larger than a person's total Centrelink payment.
  4. False Recovery Fees: Recovery fees are regularly being applied when they shouldn't and can be much larger than the set fee of 10%.
  5. Corrupted Review: Compliance officers are directed not to fix these errors, even when they have the evidence, and their work is rejected when they do. Even on appeal, errors will only be corrected if the person specifically identifies them, which can be nearly impossible.

Here's a plain English summary of the whistleblower document

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Not sure what to say? Check out the prompts on this page. But remember – the most impactful submissions are those written in your own words.

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