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Hey politicians - it's time for marriage equality in Australia!

Over the past few months we've seen MP after MP come out in support of marriage equality, but we don't have the numbers yet - a lot of MPs are still silent on the issue or looking for guidance from their constituents. We need to shift them like we've shifted the others, and the common theme between every politician who has changed their mind is that their constituents got in touch and told them it mattered to them.

Will you take a moment right now to write to your Liberal MP or senator to either thank them for supporting marriage equality (we need to show that voting "yes" is a popular move!) and urging those who don't yet support to consider changing their mind?

Stuck for things to say?

Maybe you are someone from the LGBTQIA community who feels like you aren't afforded equal rights, and you can explain how that feels using specific examples.

Maybe you have friends who watch on at other people's weddings, putting on a brave face and wishing that our government would recognise them as equal. Maybe you have children and you're concerned about the message that our government's marriage discrimination teaches them about the worth, acceptance and validity of same-sex couples and the wider LGBTQIA community.

Maybe you believe in an Australia where everyone is treated equally, no matter their orientation.
Last year, a Crosby Textor poll found that a whopping 72% of Australians supported same-sex couples' right to marry each other. The polling also found that their is majority support for marriage equality in every demographic. Allowing same-sex marriage won't upset the electorate, it's what we want! Politicians should fairly and truthfully represent the wishes of their electorate, especially when their position has a direct impact on people's daily lives.
Following today's referendum result in Ireland, Australia is now the last developed, English speaking country to not allow same-sex marriage. In 2015, it's not acceptable to have such a prejudiced form of discrimination within our civil society – the rest of the world are moving forward, and Australia is being left behind.
When same-sex couples are not afforded the same rights as their opposite-sex neighbours, it sends a strong message – to same-sex couples, to young children making sense of the world, to society as a whole – that Australia believes the love between a same-couple is lesser, and doesn't deserve equal recognition in front of the nation. Equal marriage rights for all Australians will be a powerful symbol of acceptance, and celebration that all love is equal.

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[2]'Tony Abbott to defy unity push on same sex marriage', The Australian, 2nd July 2015

Will you write to your MP?

Will you explain how your MP's position on marriage-equality means to you, your community, and how you vote in the next election?

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