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Save our ABC!

In the midst of a global pandemic and with the next bushfire season fast approaching, we rely on the ABC to stay safe and informed.

The public love the ABC and overwhelmingly oppose cuts to its budget1 – so with enough pressure, we can stop the Government slashing its funding every year.

Can you help create a huge show of public support for the ABC with a 150,000 strong petition? Add your name now!

Image of ABC logo splintering into shards, with newspaper headline tear out reading: ABC to axe up to 250 jobs and cut programming to tackle budget cuts
Because of Government funding cuts, more beloved ABC programs, services and jobs are on the line:2

  • Fewer episodes of Four Corners, Foreign Correspondent and Australian Story
  • Another 250 staff will lose their jobs, including 70 from News Division
  • The flagship 7.45am radio news bulletin will be axed, along with ABC Life, the ABC Comedy Channel, and more...
The good news? Public opinion is on our side. So with enough pressure, we can stop the Government sweeping the issue under the rug and cutting more funding from our ABC.

Can you sign the petition calling on the Government to reverse funding cuts and fully fund our ABC?

[1] 'Australians overwhelmingly oppose ABC budget cuts', ABC Friends, 1 June 2020
[2] 'Latest $84 million cuts rip the heart out of the ABC, and our democracy', The Conversation, 24 June 2020
[3] 'Australians say ABC saved lives during summer bushfires, royal commission told', The Guardian, 7 June 2020
You can also download view and download the full report here.


To the Morrison Government & the Australian Parliament:

We call on the Government to restore and increase essential operational funding to the ABC so that it can meet the needs of our communities with confidence, independence and integrity.

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We need 6,637 more

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