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Is this the start of a healthcare emergency?

'In crisis', 'struggling', and 'failing to meet performance targets' are frightening phrases for our public health system.1

But that's exactly what's in a report handed down by the Australian Medical Association today.

Why? Because $50 billion promised by the Commonwealth to our public hospitals was ripped away.

Will you sign the petition calling on the Turnbull Government to end healthcare austerity once and for all?
The AMA's report details longer emergency wait room times, insufficient bed-to-patient ratios, and predicts that more critical services will soon be cut.

It's not good enough. Not when our Government wastes billions on handouts to massive corporations and dirty energy giants and refuses to crack down on corporate tax dodgers.

Australia is one of the wealthiest nations in the world. We need to invest in our public hospital system before it's too late.

Together we can end this healthcare emergency.

1. Public health system faces growing financial stress, Australian Medical Association report card finds, ABC, 28th January, 2016.


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To Prime Minister Turnbull and Health Minister Ley,

Every Australian relies on a quality and well funded public hospital. Stop your attacks on public hospitals – our hospitals need more funding, not less.

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