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Protect Medicare from Abbott's Sick Tax

In a budget that will give a free pass to coal pollution and big mining, the Abbott government is trying to balance their books by charging Australians for getting sick.

Mr Abbott's Sick Tax will hit us with a fee of $7 whenever we visit our GP! This, on top of the Medicare levy we already contribute out of every pay.

Make no mistake, this Sick Tax is the first step away from a universal Medicare system to be proud of, towards a profit-driven, American-style healthcare system that preys on the sick, the injured, and the vulnerable. It's an idea so anti-Medicare, it actually came from a private healthcare industry think tank!

Under the Government's budget other health costs will spike too, including a $5 increase for prescription medicines.

With the Government facing a public backlash over their brutal budget, and pivotal minor party senators deciding where they stand, we need to build the huge groundswell of opposition before it's too late. Let our politicians know that Australians will not stand for this shameful Sick Tax on our Medicare.


We call on the Government to abandon any plans to charge Australians for getting sick, and to keep Medicare world class and accessible for all.

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