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Right now, much loved family businesses and restaurants across the country are going under.

As misinformation about Coronavirus spreads across social media, local Chinese restaurants and stores are paying the price - with some losing up to 50% of their revenue.1

That's not because of doctor's orders OR common sense, it's because of fear.2

While other restaurants and public spaces are still buzzing, it is the Chinatown restaurants and Asian grocers that stand empty. Panic around the virus is unfairly impacting Chinese and Asian communities.

If we don't take action – people will lose their jobs, and their livelihoods.

Can you take the pledge to defeat baseless fears and support these businesses in their time of need?

At a time when so many things seem outside our control, YOUR simple decision about dinner can have profound impacts - so take the step and pledge #IWillEatWithYou.

[1] Coronavirus: retailers reel as diners desert Chinese restaurants - The Australian, 31 January 2020
[2] Australian doctors warn of rise in racist abuse over coronavirus - The Guardian, 04 February 2020


I pledge to support Asian Australian businesses and restaurants by eating with them!


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