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Forty-nine Muslim men, women and children in two Christchurch mosques were gunned down by a terrorist as they prayed. It was a coordinated onslaught born from long-fuelled bigotry and Islamophobia.1

For years, right-wing politicians have stoked fear and division in the community – and that very same prejudice has blared across the headlines of the Murdoch Press. In his days as a shadow Cabinet Minister, Scott Morrison reportedly saw votes to be won in targeting Muslims and stoking the electorate's fears.2

When anyone gives a platform to racism or Islamophobia, or exploits it for votes or profit, they legitimise this hate.

We cannot ignore the threat any longer. No party seeking to form government can partner with hatred. No media outlet should give a platform to hatred. And they are accountable to all of us.

Sign the petition calling for every politician and media outlet to reject scare-mongering, Islamophobia and bigotry.

  1. "Do the Christchurch shootings expose the murderous nature of 'ironic' online fascism?", The Guardian, 16 March 2019.
  2. "Morrison sees votes in anti-Muslim strategy", Sydney Morning Herald, 17 February 2011.


In the wake of the terrible terror attack on Muslims at prayer in New Zealand, we stand together to demand an end to bigotry, Islamophobia and hate in our politics and across our media.

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